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  • Fanny Gonzalez

    Fanny Gonzalez is originally from Venezuela and she relocated to Austin in 1996.“I was a ballet dancer since I was 7 years old, when Jane Fonda began her aerobics program in 1977, I was inspired to open my first studio in Venezuela, by the time I moved to Austin, I already had 3 operating dance studios in Puerto Ordaz (Ciudad Gayana), my hometown,” Fanny confessed.

    Her family relocated to Austin because her son began his bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas, converting the family into a Longhorn family. As soon as Fanny moved to Austin, she got herself certified as Aerobics Instructor with AFAA (Athletics & Fitness Association of America) and ESA (Exercise Fitness Association), followed by all the Zumba certifications available and she worked in Premier Ladies for 8 years as an instructor for salsa aerobics, aqua aerobics, step cross-training with Latino music and as a personal trainer and at the YMCA for 5 years. Other gyms where Fanny gave classes where 24-Hour Fitness, El Buen Samaritano, and World Gym.

    While ballet continues to be a very special part of her heart, Fanny focuses on dance and fitness classes for adults because she enjoys her students and she knows her classes help them to develop more cardio-resistance, more muscle toning, and overall health. Most of Fanny’s choreographies include a fusion of ballet, cardio, and Zumba. “My style continues to have a very strong ballet influence, as it is an embedded part of my life. I opened Corazon Latino because I know we make a difference in our community. I like to hear music all day and to interact with new people from different backgrounds all the time. With music and fitness, we can help real people to achieve better health, lose weight, tone, relax and have tons of fun.” Fanny concluded.

  • Alejandro Flores

    Hello Everyone my name is Alejandro i have more then 10 years of experince teaching aerobic dance, zumba and dance revolution fitness. 5 years taking contemporary dance classes, hip- hop clases and freestyle. •CODEME (dance federation fitness certificate Mexico, City 2011). •Zumba Fitness Certificate (Mexico City 2011) •Dance and Groove Certificate ( Mexico City 2009) •Zumba Fitness Certificate (Austin Texas 2014) •
  • Andrea Puron

    You can call me: Andy

    Hometown: México

    Favorite music: All the kind of music that I can dance ;)

    My classes are: Bellydance Fusion / Kids Ballet / Cardio Dance Fusion / Barre Pilates

    Dance experience: I love dancing, I have been a dancer, teacher, and choreographer for more than 10 years.

    Facebook Page: @LIBRABELLYDANCE

    Instagram: @librabellydance

  • Arianna Nunez

    Arianna Nuñez Jordán was born in Bayamo, Cuba. She graduated whit a Bachelor of Arts: Dancer of Contemporary and Folklore Cuban Dance. Arianna was part of the dance company DANZA LIBRE. In 2012 she began her education at the University of Arts where she graduated in 2018 with a degree in Dance Art, whit a contemporary dance profile.

    In 2014, she worked whit the French Association TROPICUBA in the IV Congress D’Cuba in Lloret del Mar, Spain. From 2015 to January 2019 he worked at the dance company LOS HIJOS DEL DIRECTOR (Cuba).

    Performing in the COLOURS International Dance Festival (2017) in Stuttgart, Germany in The Last Resource. She participated in the Fall for Dance North (2018) in Toronto, Canada with the piece La tribulación de Anaximandro (Hombre, Arche, Apeiron). She also intervened in the Cuba Festival in coordination with Joyce Theater in New York

  • Ashley Rogers

    Call me: Ashley
    Hometown: Austin, Texas

    Favorite music: That one song, where you do that one step, shimmy, and then you spin. You know what I'm talking about?
    Dance experience: Spent 27yrs choreographing and dancing for and with B. Knowles. Naturally, I transitioned into teaching Zumba.

    Facebook: @ZumbaFitnesswithAshleyATX
    Instagram: @arogersrenee
    Spotify: @arogersrenee

  • Azia Sims

    My name is Azia Sims and I teach booty Werk classes here at Corazon Latino!
    My hometown is Austin Texas
    My favorite music is R&B and gospel music (except for a few ratchet twerk songs! Lol!)
    I first trained professionally in dance at the age of 13 where I took ballet. Tap and jazz. I then pursued my associates and bachelor's in dance education. I also was in the drill team in middle and high school.
    My Facebook and Instagram name is Azia Sims!
    Please come out and check out my class! You can twerk, Werk, get snatched and get your ENTIRE life in one hour!!! Who can refuse that!

  • Blanca Gomez

    You can call me: Blanca

    Hometown: Grand Prairie TX

    Favorite music: ALL KINDS, anything with a beat!

    Dance Experience: Musical Theatre, Performer since 2 years old

    My classes are: Zumba

    Facebook Fan page: @Blanca Gomez

    Instagram: @theblancagomez

  • Catalina Marquez

    You can call me: Catalina
    Hometown: Santiago, Chile.
    Favorite music: Celia Cruz and everything that makes me move my hips.
    Dance Experience:
    At age 6 I started dancing as a way to express myself when my words were insufficient. I dance because it makes me feel alive.
    There’s nothing else that engages me the same way physically, emotionally and Socially all at once. Come Dance with me, it’s perfect for everybody and everybody.
    My classes are: Zumba
    Insagram: Catita_ferrada
  • Desiree Camacho

    Bio coming soon
  • Desiree Gonzalez

    Bio coming soon
  • Ivy Guerra

    You can call me: Ivy

    Hometown: San Antonio

    Favorite Music: I love Latin music and Country music.

    My classes are: Zumba
  • Jose Gonzalez

    You can call me: José

    My classes are: Salsa / Bachata / Cumbia

    Dance experience: Dancing is my passion to listen to music my body moves I have only been dancing since I was a child but professionally I started in 2014.
    salsa classes, bachata, cumbia and more different rhythms to share.

  • Joshua Lopez

    Bio coming soon
  • Laura Rodriguez

    Bio coming soon
  • Lauren Brooks

    You can call me: Lauren

    Hometown: Austin, Tx

    My classes are: Cardio Dance Fusion

    Dance experience: Lauren Brooks is a born and raised Austinite who found a passion for dance 6 years ago after attending her first dance fitness class with Monica Landois. Lauren currently teaches Cardio Dance Party with a fun, high-intensity playlist that is toning for the body and brings the cardio impact! Lauren enjoys EDM, Dancehall, and Hip Hop music - her class typically brings an island feel! When she is not dancing, she enjoys working as a recruiter full time, listening to her favorite DJ Diplo, and doing glamour makeup as a side business!

  • Matilde Chatelain

    You can call me: Maty

    Hometown: Arequipa-Peru

    Favorite music: all kinds of Latin and international music.

    Profesional Dance experience: Dancing since I was little girl, 4 year experience teaching dance.

    My classes are: Zumba fitness.

    Facebook: @Zumba with Maty C.

    Instragam: @Maty Chatelain
  • Monica Landois.

    Bio coming soon
  • Phillip Amador

    teaching Zumba fitness for 12 years. From Corpus Christi, to. Also teach step aerobics.
  • Sabrina Wright

    Sabrina Wright

    You Can Call Me: Sabrina

    Hometown: Cali

    Favorite Music: Anything that gets me moving or in the mood

    Professional Dance Experience: Nothing professional but I can move and shake with the best of them. I've been teaching Zumba for 6 years! I'm a personal trainer! I created WERKn30 and I've been in love with all things fitness my entire life!

    Facebook: Sabrina Wright

    Instagram: @1fit_chick

  • Salena Digaetano

    Bio coming soon
  • Thamairis Canales

    Bio coming soon
  • Yolanda Contreras

    Hola mi nombre es Yolanda Contreras soy de México del estado de Coahuila,tengo 6 años de ser instructor de zumba,también soy instructor de strong by zumba,zumba step,boot camp y toning. Me encanta dar clase y ver como las participantes disfrutan pero a la misma vez sus cuerpos y energía van cambiando. Y sobre todo Amo ser parte de Corazón Latino Dance Studio.
  • Elena Fiestas

    Bio coming soon
  • Nicole Ebony

    Bio coming soon
  • Paolo Londres

    Bio coming soon